Locally Hosted Microsoft Stack Bitcoin Web Wallet and Payment Gateway


Regardless of which side of the platform debate you stand on, it’s a fact that enterprises and businesses do run and rely on Windows. From a personal perspective, I haven’t touched Linux since my student days and wouldn’t be comfortable setting up a Linux stack for a Bitcoin node.

In order for Bitcoin to be more widely accepted, there is a need for reliable solutions for the Microsoft stack. Many enterprise clients run on Microsoft products and so there must be a demand for solutions that align with their existing vendors and expertise / capability sets.

Furthermore, a lot of payment solution providers like BitPay are charging for their services, as they should. They are providing a commercial service. While this might be acceptable for some clients, it does not address the demand for locally hosted solutions that facilitate independence, flexibility and better cost management. On top of this, it further strengthens then Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin payment gateways that charge fees should be considered a step backwards from true decentralization, and introduce the same problems Bitcoin was designed to overcome. It relies on a trust model that is similar to the system in place in modern FIAT currency. Relying on another costly external service provider eliminates much of the benefits of moving away from FIAT currencies.

Market Opportunities

  • Government departments
  • City and Local councils
  • Hospitality
  • Online retailers
  • Universities and Education
  • Utilities providers

The Solution

Run your solution in house and eliminate the need for a payment provider(/processor?). Bitcoin is fundamentally a peer-to-peer (p2p) system designed to be independent of any central control. With this product, you will be able to run your own Blockchain.info style managed wallet on site and take payments directly from your clients without any middle men fees.

The solution runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and above, IIS7 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 and above.  It is pitched at enterprise clients who want to take Bitcoin payments using their own infrastructure or cloud provider, such as Microsoft Azure.

With the invoicing feature, brick and mortar business can run the product as their Bitcoin POS till via an iPad or desktop PC / Mac!

Design Goals

  • Be configurable by a Sys Admin, by MMC
  • Web based configuration settings for Sys admins
  • Have a responsive, cross browser and device UI
  • Authenticated by existing enterprise authentication such as Active Directory, and enable a single sign on experience
  • Hosted on site on Microsoft Windows server technology
  • Protected by existing Firewalls or infrastructure
  • Logging to Event Log
  • Process run as a Windows service
  • Interoperability via WCF services that allows extensibility via SOAP or RESTful endpoints

Current Features

  • Multi user wallet
  • Invoicing
  • Email and SMS notifications alerts when payments are received
  • Auto forwarding payments to up to 5 addresses
  • Scheduled payments
  • WCF SOAP and RESTful endpoints

Screen shots


Users wallet showing Bitcoin addresses


Transaction history for an address


A users address details with transaction history

Pricing model

The solution will be sold as a software solution, or a pre configured 1U Xeon rack mount server.  Contact sales at bitcoinbrisbane.com.au for a quote.  (Pricing excludes Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server licensing)

Upcoming features

A lot of features are still to be implemented, such as rich BI reporting using Microsoft SSRS.

Private Beta

If you would like to be involved in our private beta, please email sales at bitcoinbrisbane.com.au