Bitcoin Brisbane are looking for Bitcoin related sponsors to help us keep the evenings fun and free.  All sponsors will be added to the meet up sites sponsor section, and be invited to speak on the evenings.  All sponsorship money goes to events such as the Christmas party bar tab,  and pizza and beers and prizes on the nights.

Bronze 0.5 BTC Announcements on Facebook and Twitter

Silver 1.0 BTC Facebook ad campaign reaching approximately 10,000 to promote your product or services targeted users.

Gold 2.0 BTC Facebook and Twitter ad campaign to promote your product or services.  Approx reach 20,000.  Events or evenings could be branded too, such as “Dugong Software’s Bitcoin Mining Evening”

Bitcoin Brisbane will remain neutral and unbiased, and will introduce any sponsored products and services as official sponsors.

If you would like to become a sponsor,  please contact or bit message BM-2cTPdajPswpzxMuUH4K1PHadXymHs6gUsG.  Tips or donations welcome 1BtaDeAWYJx81xaEsr6wDUJrJur862LoVx

Gold Sponsors

Ferguson Cannon Lawyers, Brisbane 

CoinJar Bitcoin ExchangeOzCoin Mining Pool