Importing your private key

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Technical, Wallets | No Comments

If you have purchased bitcoins at our Farmers Market, or elsewhere via a Paper Wallet, you will need to import your private key into some software to spend it.

The software will do a number of things.

  1. Get unsent transactions
  2. Create the amount to spend / send
  3. Calculate the change
  4. Sign the transaction
  5. Broadcast to the network

Brainwallet is a fantastic product.  It does a lot of the functions required for bitcoin, such as base conversation.  Further more, its all done client side in javascript, so you can be sure no one is slurping your keys.  You can either use the site or download the site from GitHub and then run the site locally off your desktop.   Its your choice, just a security vs convince argument.   If you do choose the live site, makes sure its over SSL!

  • Click the Transactions tab
  • Add your private key in Wallet Import Format;  This starts with a  5 or k such as 5KYZdUEo39z3FPrtuX2QbbwGnNP5zTd7yyr2SC1j299sBCnWjss
  • The site will then download your transactions off the block chain for you via
  • Add the destination address, amount and miners fee.
  • Hit Send Transaction

You should be prompted with your txn which you can verify on