Enough of “blockchain has the potential” articles!

Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 in Thoughts | No Comments

The cryptographers and the software engineers realised the potential in 2010. The same encumberments that stifle innovation; who continue to close Bitcoin traders accounts are now spuruking the “potential” of the blockchain. Every single day on my feeds it the same rhetoric. Potential.

Retweeting or reposting an article on blockchain “potential” doesn’t make you a disruptor* by association. It makes you a hypocrite.

Some of these banks don’t even have a native iOS app on the app store, in 2017. Why would I listen to anything they say about “digital disruption” and the “potential of blockchain”?

Enterprise will happily pay thousands of $ to the usual suspects to roll out Office 365 as part of the “cloud first” strategy. Congratulations, you’re now using Hotmail. Instead of putting $10,000 prize money to a hackathon, or waiting to see what IBM tell you is the real blockchain, invest some time and money into your own staff and internal projects. The engineers you employ to fix your badly implemented bespoke software, are the same the leading engineers and thinkers in this space.

Have you even been to a community meetup event, and listened to what some of the real innovators are talking about? Innovation isn’t just between 9-5 and documented in an Excel spreadsheet. (Or worse, SharePoint).

“But we need to make sure our clients privacy and safety….” Stop it. Stop with the boardroom talk. My advice is simple. Stop talking, start really building. Engage with the community who understand the tech instead of fumbling your way through it at board room meetings.

*The second most over hyped word.