Some other back ground information that is important to understand will be covered in this page.

Client / server

Traditionally, internet services work in a client server model.  Email and web pages are a good example of this.  A webpage is hosted on a web server or servers, typically by a hosting company.  Your browser is the client which connects to the server.  So whats the problem?   This is called centralised model.  The companies that host the pages are under the jurasticition of where they are physically stored or where the company is registered.   Should a government have a problem with the page then it is technically very easy to stop.

This was the fate of Napster, the file sharing app.

Peer to Peer

Peer to peer on the other hand, has not centralised server.  Each client connects directly to another client.  Bit torrent is an application of this protocol.  This makes the application extremely hard, if not impossible to stop.  EVERY client must be shut down simultaneously, which is just not feasible to coordinate.

A client maybe operating from anywhere in the world, or even outside of this world!  The bitcoin foundation are looking at launching a client into orbit, thus making it EXTREMELY hard and costly to stop!