Counterfeit prevention

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As many scramble to find the “killer app” for blockchain technology, one great use case is counterfeit and fraud prevention. After all thats what bitcoin does well.  It stops counterfeits or double spending of digital money.  Some new, and well funded startups, like Everledger, are using blockchains to stop counterfeit of diamonds. Luxury goods like high end handbags, wines, sneakers and other such items could also be protected. What has value will be stolen or counterfeited.  Some other not so obvious items are protected and endangered native trees in Australia.  Something I’m passionate about.

The Queensland Government’s solution to stop illegal trading of natives, is to simply issue a tag such as the one below. Using a token on a blockchain such as Ethereum, to issue and enforce trading rules instead of these tags would potentially eliminate fraud and counterfeits and ultimately help protect our native flora.

Clearing permit

From the Queensland Governments site;

“If the flora survey identifies the presence of EVNT plants in the clearing impact area, a clearing permit is required before any potential clearing. The flora survey report, as well as an impact management report, will need to be included with the application form clearing permit (Word, 237K)*.”

To apply you have to submit a Word document!

Code of practice

Again from the Queensland Government site;

“All harvesting—whether or not a licence is required—must comply with the Code of practice for the harvest and use of protected plants, except in the circumstances specified under the Nature Conservation (Wildlife Management) Regulation 2006.”

The solution to record keeping is an Excel document.


The Ethereum Smart is “owned” by the Queensland Government.  The unique contract address is then socialised on the Governments site.  Only the contract owner can issue more tags.

Tags and Tokens

Because of its adoption, the tag will conform to the ERC20 specification.  This will enable compatibility with many third party wallets and exchanges.

Example of a Queensland Government issued tag.