Coinkite Bitcoin POS Terminal Review

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This *is* how Bitcoin should be!

Its great to see a company deliver, and exceed expectations.  This is what Coinkite have done with their POS terminal.

Early bird
I ordered my terminal day 1 when Coinkite announced they where selling.  Ok, it cost me 2.9BTC at the time, but BTC was floating around $120.  Such is the early bird delimer we are seeing.

Delivery & Unboxing
UPS where quick (2days) delivery from Canada.  Now this is where the fun starts.  Coinkite correctly put 2.9BTC on the invoice,  which loosely translates to $3000AUD.  UPS now wanted $600 customs.  Fair enough, but I argued that at time of purchase, the value in fiat was around $700.

After a few emails to Coinkite, they contacted UPS and reissued and invoice, and the parcel arrived the next day.  Unfortunately that was Monday, so I didn’t get to play with it over the weekend.  The terminal is packaged snuggly and well boxed.  First impressions are wow.  This isn’t some Raspberry Pie back yard solder job.  This is *the* game changer! Competitors if you are reading,  give up.

I was preying the terminal software and features didn’t let this terminal down.  And it doesn’t.  The interface is basic, like it should be.  The portal does all the heavy lifting, and all the settings you need are there and thought of.

Next thing I noticed are the Coinkite Cards!  Sexy, gold, “paper wallets” with chip and pin.  Now that’s  a card I want in my wallet (back pocket wallet).

Setup & Registration
To be fair,  there are a few quirks on the terminals interface.  The only instructions in the box are view the website.  No big deal.  Registering terminal is easy.  There are lots of great options and fields to configure.  Nice things like 0 confirmations.  Great if your business model is quick sales like a coffee or beer.

Just enter the serial number, configure and your done.  The Admin pin is printed on the paper roll “birth certificiate”.

Now to setup wifi.  This is where I found a few quirks.  The terminal has 3 menu items.  Setup wifi is one.  However, I couldn’t figure out how to enter wifi.  Then I remembered seeing wifi setup on the portal site.  So I did and it presents a qr code, but i couldn’t work out how to get the terminal to scan?  Randomly I pressed 1 again, and the green light lit up, scanned the qr code and away (after a few settings changes like encryption type).

NO ip address?

Again, this message kept popping up.  I tried to change from DHCP to static ip, but resulted in the same.  Hmm.  Ok, I press 1 again, and now I see and ip address on the terminals screen.  Perfect.  I guess these quirks are only once offs during set up.

Stuck in admin mode?
Now this is where it got frustrating!  The FAQ on the Coinkite site is a bit light.  The instructions are press menu to go to the menu.  Fair enough, but it didn’t work.
So I emailed Coinkite again.  Response within seconds!  Do you hear that Butterfly labs, seconds!!

CK advised to download the firmware.  I did and after about 2 mins it had completed.  Still now joy though.   After a few emails, Coinkite “fixed something on the backend” and I was away.  Now to get this bad boy into “The Villager” restaurant.


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