Importing your private key

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If you have purchased bitcoins at our Farmers Market, or elsewhere via a Paper Wallet, you will need to import your private key into some software to spend it. The software will do a number of things. Get unsent transactions Create the amount to spend / send Calculate the change Sign the transaction Broadcast to […]

Mixing addresses with Cantor Pairing Function

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Cantor Pairing Function for n currency addresses. Abstract Given the explosion in altcoins, it will be reasonable to assume that merchants will be accepting a number of different crypto coins as payments.  We are seeing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as the front runners. I propose instead of providing the user with different addresses for each […]

[Unofficial] CoinJar wallet on Windows Phone 8

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I am one of the few who use Windows 8 phones.  In recent months I have also noticed a lot more people using the phone too.  Out of necessity, I have been working on a Windows Phone 8 client for CoinJar.   Like the mechanics car, it never seems to get finished.  However, with the […]

Locally Hosted Microsoft Stack Bitcoin Web Wallet and Payment Gateway

Motivation Regardless of which side of the platform debate you stand on, it’s a fact that enterprises and businesses do run and rely on Windows. From a personal perspective, I haven’t touched Linux since my student days and wouldn’t be comfortable setting up a Linux stack for a Bitcoin node. In order for Bitcoin to […]