Get paid in Bitcoin!

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Lets say the average .net snr salary is around $100,000 pa. With 9% super and tax, take home pay / net pay is about $2,826 per fortnight. Its a reasonable assumption that a professional gets paid fortnightly. Starting 13/5/2013 based on Bitstamps prices on each fortnights pay, the developer would have netted 414.419 Bitcoins which […]

Mixing addresses with Cantor Pairing Function

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Cantor Pairing Function for n currency addresses. Abstract Given the explosion in altcoins, it will be reasonable to assume that merchants will be accepting a number of different crypto coins as payments.  We are seeing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as the front runners. I propose instead of providing the user with different addresses for each […]

Double spend attack

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In this article, I will give an example how a double spend attack could be performed.  When a transaction is broadcast to the network, a transaction id is returned to the client.  However, this is not proof that that transaction has been sent. Therefor, if a project incorrectly implements this as a confirmation of payment, […]

Bitcoin Public and Private Keys Explained

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At its core, a Bitcoin address starts with just a number, albiet an extermely large number. So lets take a number. 31.   As a lot of Bitcoin math uses base 16 or hex numbers, we choose 31 so we can also show the conversion process. 31 in hexadecimal becomes 1F:  1 x 16^1 + 15 […]

ABC News 24 Interview

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I was contacted by Channel 24 ABC News to give a live interview on the Mt Gox crises. Here it is!

Skype hasn’t killed the phone

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And Bitcoin won’t kill the banks. Skype is a great technology.  There was a lot of noise 10 years ago when Skype was becoming main stream.   I heard a lot of tech “experts” say… “You would run it on your mobile handset, use wifi, and never pay for a phone call again.” Those predictions […]