Ashley Madison Hack

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The real problem with the Ashley Madison site, is that the design is flawed from the start. The site needs data from two opposing parties. Users whose data is very sensitive, and credit card company who want enough user data to mitigate fraud. A service site like Ashley Madison is subject to high charge backs. […]


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Last week’s Meetup was about buying and selling Bitcoins, but as often is the case, discussions often wander across a range of interesting topics. That week someone asked about tax implications and I thought it was an important enough topic worthy of further investigation. We had two tax accountants in the audience so some of […] review

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I heard about off CoinDesk.  I was excited to hear they were Brisbane based too.  I emailed the owner of the site and tried to contact them on Facebook to see if they wanted to talk about their site at my Meetup.  I was disappointed when I didn’t hear any reply, but not to […]

Coffee with Bitcoin at Roastery Cafe

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This morning, Mark and I went to the Roastery Cafe, in South Brisbane to confirm the rumours about what has been described as Brisbane’s best flat white with Bitcoin. To be honest, I hadn’t heard about this cafe, but on approach at 7am I was delighted to see an army of Mamils (middle aged men in […]

Get paid in Bitcoin!

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Lets say the average .net snr salary is around $100,000 pa. With 9% super and tax, take home pay / net pay is about $2,826 per fortnight. Its a reasonable assumption that a professional gets paid fortnightly. Starting 13/5/2013 based on Bitstamps prices on each fortnights pay, the developer would have netted 414.419 Bitcoins which […]

Jims Jerky makes the Courier Mail

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Business owner Matt has made the weekend edition of the Courier Mail for accepting Bitcoin at his biltong kiosk at Westfield Carindale. Full write up at

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

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Confused about accepting payments?  Then come along to the free meet up, Tuesday 4th Feb 2014.  RSVP at Thanks again to everyone that came.  Great night.  

Locally Hosted Microsoft Stack Bitcoin Web Wallet and Payment Gateway

Motivation Regardless of which side of the platform debate you stand on, it’s a fact that enterprises and businesses do run and rely on Windows. From a personal perspective, I haven’t touched Linux since my student days and wouldn’t be comfortable setting up a Linux stack for a Bitcoin node. In order for Bitcoin to […]