Bitcoin at your local farmers market!

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So today Dave and I set up shop at the local farmers market in Bardon, talking and trading bitcoins!   I was a bit unsure about if we would get anyone who knew about BTC, let alone buy some.    To my surprise the day was a success.  We only sold about $50 of BTC […]

Why Bitcoin price will continue to rise

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And this isn’t a bad thing for trade. The other night I attended a lecture at Griffith Uni by Jem.  As with most university events, the night finished with a few pints at the local.   Again arose the situation that we had all ordered food, and no-one had exact change. Jem is from the […]

Pay your mates back with Bitcoins

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We have all gone out to lunch or dinner and split a bill.  There is *always* someone in the group who wants to put the entire bill on their credit card and take cash. In these situations, Bitcoin owners should offer (and insist) they pay their share with Bitcoins.  This will spread Bitcoins to people […]