Update 2

Posted by on Dec 27, 2016 in BitPoker, C#, Thoughts | No Comments

After looking at a few other projects like Augur, Im pretty confident that I’ve got a scaleable design thats inline with a lot of other DAPs. I’ve been refactoring the messages protocol to use JSON RPC 2.0 protocol. Peers will communicate to each other via HTTP GETs or POSTs. Using this design will allow the solution to be module and written using .Net or .Net Core Owin / Katana controllers or a NodeJS client.

A lot of work has gone into the project, making the solution modular and have the ability to inject in mocks. This will enable better testing and hopefully more developers. I’ve taken a full TDD approach at the moment, focusing just on the core logic in the controllers. A thin UI client will come later.

At the moment, Im not working about any network discovery code to find peers. There will be a centralised api at where clients will “register” their addresses. This is only a temporary solution and can be thought of as a seed.

I’ve also had a conversation with the colour coin exchange, to perhaps to create an ICO using colour coin tokens for anyone wanting to contribute to the project.

Finally, also investigating protocols like WebRTC in parallel.