Update 1

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in BitPoker, C#, Code, Technical, Thoughts | 3 Comments

I’ve decided to start doing monthly updates on my side project BitPoker. This is project is being developed outside of the paid work, running the meetups, being on the BAA board, other side projects and being a Dad. Distributed poker has been talked about for a number of years. A good paper about turn based games using the blockchain was also recently published. Poker is a great example of turn based game, where actors participating in the game, reach consensus. I believe With lighting network, the project is now possible.

People often say that the blocks are too slow for games. I disagree. Just like light night network doesn’t broadcast each tx to the network all the time, the game turns are not required to be broadcast to the the blockchain. Only the actors participating *care* about the turns.

Code is being developed in c# as a PoC, and the GitHub repo is a mess. Im happy for constructive comments, pull requests are even better.

I will focus on heads up no limit texas holdem for the first “contract”. Its easier for betting / multisig and anti collusion.

I managed to secure the domain and have been working on crystallising my thoughts in the ReadMe. I’ve reached out to a few Math professor colleagues to review the cryptography, mainly the shuffling algorithm. I thought of the algorithm myself, and then found it in a book after. My professors have suggested a few more elegant methods which I will look at shortly.

I’m not actively seeking investment either, but I’ve made 10,000,000 colour coin tokens which I’ll pass on to any contributors or supporters.

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