Bitcoin helps your style

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Lets be honest, most Bitcoin owners are 20 to 30 something males, who work in IT.   Sterotypes are often based on truth, so we can assume they aren’t the most fashion conscious amongst us.

Until Prada accept bitcoin, we can at least fine tune your hair do at Xin Twenty One.   This salon isn’t your ordinary shopping mall hair dresser.   Nor is it your typical barber.   When you set foot in the door, you will understand what Im talking about.  This place ouzes style.  This is the salon for..

Xin approached me about accepting Bitcoins.  With our zero risk offer, and the publicity that bitcoin merchants are receiving right now, there wasn’t really much of a choice. We installed our CoinKite POS terminal and gave Xin a tutorial on operating it.

Now the question on everyones lips;  can Xin fix my mop?  Fellas, do yourself a favour and get down there and sort yourself out or at least treat the missus!