Bitcoin Brisbane in the MX paper

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MX Paper contacted Bitcoin Brisbane regarding Bitcoin stories in Queensland.  The timing couldn’t have been better.  Bruce had just launched his Bitcoin ATM at the Roastery Cafe, and was receiving a fair bit of press.   You can read the full review here.

Coffee with Bitcoin at Roastery Cafe

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This morning, Mark and I went to the Roastery Cafe, in South Brisbane to confirm the rumours about what has been described as Brisbane’s best flat white with Bitcoin. To be honest, I hadn’t heard about this cafe, but on approach at 7am I was delighted to see an army of Mamils (middle aged men in […]

Primary School Markets

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Who remembers marbles in the school yard? Innately, we all get alt currencies. Why was marble type A “worth” more than marble B? Because we set our own school yard protocols, we gained mass adoption, and so it was. Pure supply and demand determined marble value. If a new type was flooded into the school […]

Tuesday, May 20ths meetup

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Microsoft are sponsoring this meetup and catering the event.  My discrete math professor Dr Stebila from QUT will be guest speaking on the night.  His area of research is “Security on the internet” and will be giving us some insides to the algorithms that protect Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. What more could you want? […]

Get paid in Bitcoin!

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Lets say the average .net snr salary is around $100,000 pa. With 9% super and tax, take home pay / net pay is about $2,826 per fortnight. Its a reasonable assumption that a professional gets paid fortnightly. Starting 13/5/2013 based on Bitstamps prices on each fortnights pay, the developer would have netted 414.419 Bitcoins which […]