Buy your Jerky with Bitcoins!

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In what we think is an Australia first,  the brick and mortar store “Jim’s Jerky” is now taking Bitcoins payment!  Its great to see business owners like Matt having the courage to take Bitcoins.  These are the guys that will take Bitcoin into the mainstream. Get down to Westfield at Carindale Queensland.   Thanks Coinkite […]

Bitcoin Public and Private Keys Explained

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At its core, a Bitcoin address starts with just a number, albiet an extermely large number. So lets take a number. 31.   As a lot of Bitcoin math uses base 16 or hex numbers, we choose 31 so we can also show the conversion process. 31 in hexadecimal becomes 1F:  1 x 16^1 + 15 […]

Getting $ out of (or any other overseas exchange)

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If you have cash tied up in an overseas exchange, you can liquidate via Bitcoins.  Buy Bitcoins with the cash on the exchange, then instantly send them to Coinjar. From Coinjar, as long as you have supplied documentation and verified your bank account, you will be able to sell the coins in AUD and have […]

ABC News 24 Interview

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I was contacted by Channel 24 ABC News to give a live interview on the Mt Gox crises. Here it is!