[Unofficial] CoinJar wallet on Windows Phone 8

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I am one of the few who use Windows 8 phones.  In recent months I have also noticed a lot more people using the phone too.  Out of necessity, I have been working on a Windows Phone 8 client for CoinJar.   Like the mechanics car, it never seems to get finished.  However, with the […]

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

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Confused about accepting payments?  Then come along to the free meet up, Tuesday 4th Feb 2014.  RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/BitcoinBrisbane/events/156830942/ Thanks again to everyone that came.  Great night.  

Locally Hosted Microsoft Stack Bitcoin Web Wallet and Payment Gateway

Motivation Regardless of which side of the platform debate you stand on, it’s a fact that enterprises and businesses do run and rely on Windows. From a personal perspective, I haven’t touched Linux since my student days and wouldn’t be comfortable setting up a Linux stack for a Bitcoin node. In order for Bitcoin to […]