Skype hasn’t killed the phone

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And Bitcoin won’t kill the banks. Skype is a great technology.  There was a lot of noise 10 years ago when Skype was becoming main stream.   I heard a lot of tech “experts” say… “You would run it on your mobile handset, use wifi, and never pay for a phone call again.” Those predictions […]

Jem Bendell

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Incase you missed Prof Jem Bendell’s talk on sustainability at Griffith Uni last year, check out his BBC interview. I will post his slide deck from that night on here too.

Coinkite Bitcoin POS Terminal Review

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This *is* how Bitcoin should be! Its great to see a company deliver, and exceed expectations.  This is what Coinkite have done with their POS terminal. Early bird I ordered my terminal day 1 when Coinkite announced they where selling.  Ok, it cost me 2.9BTC at the time, but BTC was floating around $120.  Such is […]