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  • Hi Lucas,

    I would like to introduce myself. I have been wanting to attend a meet up for sometime. My name is John. You met my business partner, Bruce of Rouge Coffee.

    Thank you for the support and your article on your website.

    I am not a techy person by nature. I have a more entrepreneurial back ground.

    I lived in Amsterdam for many years and have been watching the Crypto world closely for sometime.

    I have asked Bruce to invite you on wednesday the 27th at 10am. A professor from UQ, I believe contacted us today. He wants to come and talk about a possible study.

    I had a very short chat on the phone with him and was on my way out. So detail is a little scarce. However after talking with Bruce. I thought you may like to come along. I have had Dave Sag, another business partner in Bit2Bit developing a POS system for sometime. We all have day jobs. That we are keen to shelve for full time Crypto point of sale work. Bruce expressed that perhaps you had similar ideas.

    Maybe further progressed.

    Bruce said you were a easy going nice chap. So I would like to meet you also.

    I am also interested in holding Crypto meet ups at Rouge also, if the venue would interest you.

    I was not available tonight, unfortunately. However I will certainly come along to your meet ups when I can.

    Bruce has your number.

    Thank-You again for your blog/support re our ATM.

    I look forward to meeting you also.

    Sincerely: John Grant-Taylor

    • Jason Eskander

      Hey Im Jason Eskander we met at PA in brisbane was hoping to get in touch with you

      • Lucas Cullen

        Hi Jason, you can email me at lucas [at]

  • Peter Shaw

    Any recommendation on BTC friendly accountants?

    • Lucas Cullen

      Sorry for the late reply. I have been dealing with

    • Graham Donnelly

      Hi Peter

      I am not sure if it is my place to respond directly and if i have breached protocol i apologies … but we are very familiar with BTC and crypto concepts and accept BTC as payment of our fees.
      Happy to discuss this with you if you are still looking

  • Daniel Spiteri

    Hello Everyone, my name is Daniel Spiteri and I am the Co-Founder of the Coinxion Foundation. We are currently looking for local blockchain developers to help with our project. Would there be any one here available that would be interested in looking at our proposals ?

  • Brenny Does Bolivia

    Hi…I’m relatively new to the bitcoin phenomenon…..I have about 7 or 8 coins on Bittrex that I want put into wallets……it’s above my pay grade or intelligence level to do that….am looking to employ someone savvy to assist in that and have a bit of a chat on it…….maybe a 3 hour session….pay cash……hours flexible……[email protected] Thanks…..Brendon

    • Sarthak Sharma

      Hey Brenny,

      Ill be happy to help you, I am in bitcoins from a pretty long time. Contact if you need any assistance.


      • Brenny Does Bolivia

        Hi Sunny…..where are you located? What is your knowledge like on wallets…….? moving coins from say, Bittrex to maybe a myether ..and then to paper wallets for completely cold storage…….thabks…

        • Sarthak Sharma

          contact me on [email protected] for more information

        • Sarthak Sharma

          I am located in indooroopilly, brisbane

      • James meyer

        Hi Sunny, could you help me if you have time. .Seen your help memo.
        My contact for TXT or ph; james 0415-850-817 please.THX mate and I explain..

  • James meyer

    Hi Guys, I’m a new Bitcoin user, sen some transaction and they keep asking me for they need to see the value in bitcoin to verify the transaction…plus transaction ID to this address. I try to search etc. but find it difficult to find. Anyone can help or meet up please. THX, james , My contact/ or TXT me soon Ph; 0415-850-817.