Frequent flyer miles should be a crypto

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This morning I woke to an email I had received from British Airways saying my 7,000 frequent flyer Miles where about to expire.  I had spent a few years living in the UK and with no intention to return, I didn’t have a need for these *points* anyway.  These Miles or points, are effectively a token. […]


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Throughout this article I will reference Bitcoin, however the same logic applies to all cryptocurrencies available today. Many people once touted fixed supply as one of Bitcoin’s strengths. I knew this wasn’t valid for one fundamental reason; inflation is a symptom of a healthy modern economy. Capitalist economies prosper when money exchanges hands, ie. people […]

Bitcoin as a gift

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Its September. For me that means a lot of birthdays, two brothers and my dad, a few aunts and uncles and what feels like 100’s of cousins and nephews. Now I don’t know if this is a generation thing, but my nephews have no problems sending me Facebook messages not only reminding me its their […]

Park with coins

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This morning on Brisbane City Council’s twitter feed I saw a post “Parking meters are having problems with Credit Card payments”.  I replied with the cheeky “When will parking meters take bitcoins?”  This got me thinking:  Rolling out credit card infrastructure is hard.  The council must install these boxes that are connected back to some head […]

Ordinary Differential Equations and bitcoin mining

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Calculus is the language in which God wrote the universe.  Differential equations exist everywhere in nature.  An example is the predator prey model (Lotka–Volterra equation).  The population of rabbits grow;  as there an increased supply of prey for the foxes to eat so the population of the predator (foxes) also grow.  This of course creates […]


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Last week’s Meetup was about buying and selling Bitcoins, but as often is the case, discussions often wander across a range of interesting topics. That week someone asked about tax implications and I thought it was an important enough topic worthy of further investigation. We had two tax accountants in the audience so some of […] review

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I heard about off CoinDesk.  I was excited to hear they were Brisbane based too.  I emailed the owner of the site and tried to contact them on Facebook to see if they wanted to talk about their site at my Meetup.  I was disappointed when I didn’t hear any reply, but not to […]

Primary School Markets

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Who remembers marbles in the school yard? Innately, we all get alt currencies. Why was marble type A “worth” more than marble B? Because we set our own school yard protocols, we gained mass adoption, and so it was. Pure supply and demand determined marble value. If a new type was flooded into the school […]

Get paid in Bitcoin!

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Lets say the average .net snr salary is around $100,000 pa. With 9% super and tax, take home pay / net pay is about $2,826 per fortnight. Its a reasonable assumption that a professional gets paid fortnightly. Starting 13/5/2013 based on Bitstamps prices on each fortnights pay, the developer would have netted 414.419 Bitcoins which […]

Mixing addresses with Cantor Pairing Function

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Cantor Pairing Function for n currency addresses. Abstract Given the explosion in altcoins, it will be reasonable to assume that merchants will be accepting a number of different crypto coins as payments.  We are seeing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as the front runners. I propose instead of providing the user with different addresses for each […]