Bitcoin Public and Private Keys Explained

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At its core, a Bitcoin address starts with just a number, albiet an extermely large number. So lets take a number. 31.   As a lot of Bitcoin math uses base 16 or hex numbers, we choose 31 so we can also show the conversion process. 31 in hexadecimal becomes 1F:  1 x 16^1 + 15 […]

Getting $ out of (or any other overseas exchange)

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If you have cash tied up in an overseas exchange, you can liquidate via Bitcoins.  Buy Bitcoins with the cash on the exchange, then instantly send them to Coinjar. From Coinjar, as long as you have supplied documentation and verified your bank account, you will be able to sell the coins in AUD and have […]

ABC News 24 Interview

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I was contacted by Channel 24 ABC News to give a live interview on the Mt Gox crises. Here it is!

[Unofficial] CoinJar wallet on Windows Phone 8

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I am one of the few who use Windows 8 phones.  In recent months I have also noticed a lot more people using the phone too.  Out of necessity, I have been working on a Windows Phone 8 client for CoinJar.   Like the mechanics car, it never seems to get finished.  However, with the […]

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

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Confused about accepting payments?  Then come along to the free meet up, Tuesday 4th Feb 2014.  RSVP at Thanks again to everyone that came.  Great night.  

Locally Hosted Microsoft Stack Bitcoin Web Wallet and Payment Gateway

Motivation Regardless of which side of the platform debate you stand on, it’s a fact that enterprises and businesses do run and rely on Windows. From a personal perspective, I haven’t touched Linux since my student days and wouldn’t be comfortable setting up a Linux stack for a Bitcoin node. In order for Bitcoin to […]

Skype hasn’t killed the phone

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And Bitcoin won’t kill the banks. Skype is a great technology.  There was a lot of noise 10 years ago when Skype was becoming main stream.   I heard a lot of tech “experts” say… “You would run it on your mobile handset, use wifi, and never pay for a phone call again.” Those predictions […]

Jem Bendell

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Incase you missed Prof Jem Bendell’s talk on sustainability at Griffith Uni last year, check out his BBC interview. I will post his slide deck from that night on here too.

Coinkite Bitcoin POS Terminal Review

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This *is* how Bitcoin should be! Its great to see a company deliver, and exceed expectations.  This is what Coinkite have done with their POS terminal. Early bird I ordered my terminal day 1 when Coinkite announced they where selling.  Ok, it cost me 2.9BTC at the time, but BTC was floating around $120.  Such is […]

Bitcoin at your local farmers market!

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So today Dave and I set up shop at the local farmers market in Bardon, talking and trading bitcoins!   I was a bit unsure about if we would get anyone who knew about BTC, let alone buy some.    To my surprise the day was a success.  We only sold about $50 of BTC […]