7 reasons not to use a blockchain #1

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Reason 1. You have bad systems Around block #484730 I gave talk titled “7 reasons not to use a blockchain” at the University of Queensland. Over the following weeks, Ill post each of those reasons. If you’re reading this on IE8 then I sympathies. There are still banks in Australia today who do not have […]

Skrilla token live!

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Brisbane startup Puntaa have launched their ICO token on the Ethereum network. Bitcoin Brisbane where engaged to write the token smart contract 0x4c382f8e09615ac86e08ce58266cc227e7d4d913. Good luck on the raise! https://etherscan.io/address/0x4c382f8e09615ac86e08ce58266cc227e7d4d913 You can read more about their venture in the Australian Finical Review.

Brisbane Ethereum Meetup – Oracles

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On the 11th October, I gave a talk at the Ethereum Brisbane meetup on Ethereum Oracles. You can watch the recording here.

Buying beers with Ethereum

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After last nights Brisbane Ethereum meetup, the usual suspects headed down to one of the Valleys coolest bars, the The Treehouse Cafe & Bar to buy a few Green Beacon frothies with Ethereum (and Bitcoin). The service to facilitate payments has been rolled out by Brisbane based, “TravelbyBit”, who aims to encourage travels to travel with crypto […]

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

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On Wednesday I was invited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission to talk and educate law enforcement on  bitcoin, ICOs and blockchain.  Great to see law enforcement trying to understand the technology and the new challenges it brings.

Australians win the New York Consensus Hackathon

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At the New York Consensus event, a bunch of Australians banded together and entered the hackathon.  Playing on the Australian them of the black box flight recorder, the team created an Ethereum based “block box” event recorder, to record traffic incidents using Ethereum, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI and IoT hub.  The winning team included: […]

Counterfeit prevention

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Abstract As many scramble to find the “killer app” for blockchain technology, one great use case is counterfeit and fraud prevention. After all thats what bitcoin does well.  It stops counterfeits or double spending of digital money.  Some new, and well funded startups, like Everledger, are using blockchains to stop counterfeit of diamonds. Luxury goods […]

Biggest Bitcoin Brisbane meetup ever! Bitcoin is so dead!

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Last night I hosted my June meetup. Over 80 RSVP’d and was a packed house. The topic of the night was Bitcoin FAQs. Some good questions from the crowd and I hope you all got something out of the event. I guess bitcoin is dead after all!

Enough of “blockchain has the potential” articles!

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The cryptographers and the software engineers realised the potential in 2010. The same encumberments that stifle innovation; who continue to close Bitcoin traders accounts are now spuruking the “potential” of the blockchain. Every single day on my feeds it the same rhetoric. Potential. Retweeting or reposting an article on blockchain “potential” doesn’t make you a […]

Photos from the UQ Bitcoin event

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On Tuesday 21st Feb, I was asked to panel a screening of the documentary “Bitcoin; The end of money as we know it” at the University of Queensland. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk about bitcoin last night at the University of Queensland. I started researching the currency from a legal perspective about two years ago […]